30th Anniversary 


    Open Homes Regeneration Program is a Christian residential facility for adult men who want to overcome addictions and life controlling issues. At Open Homes we believe that the treatment for addictions and life controlling issues is to develop and nurture a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. Many men come to us who do not know Jesus, and there are many who do. For those who have never experienced the love of Jesus, we are here to introduce that man to Jesus. For those who Know Jesus as their Savior, we are here to guide them into what it means for Jesus to be their Lord. We feel that no other remedy has any greater chance of success to lead men into happy, fulfilling, abundant lives, free from the bondage of addiction.  

...where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom (2 Cor. 3:17b)     

    Open Home Regeneration is a 9 month minimum requirement residential program divided into 3 main phases. We provide a drug free environment where men are able to participate in group functions and private one on one sessions to address issues that shape their lives. No two men are exactly alike, nor have the circumstances of their lives been exactly the same. We treat each man as an individual while encouraging them to become part of a greater Body of Christ.


    During the first phase of the program the residents remain primarily restricted to property. Special outings, work details, or outside church functions are scheduled as group events from time to time to allow the men to interact with the community in a safe and monitored environment.  The weekday routine for men during the first phase schedule is as follows:  

6:00          Morning Meal                                     

7:00          Quiet Time                                     

8:30          Morning Class                                     

10:15        Work Detail                                     

12:00        Noon Meal                                   

12:45        Work Detail                                   

6:00          Evening Meal                                     

7:30          Evening Class                                     

10:00        Lights Out     


    The above activities are performed together as a group. Participation and attendance to ALL above mentioned activities is absolutely mandatory. Outside contact during First Phase is only during program prescribed times and methods. Cell phones MUST be surrendered to staff for safe keeping until Second Phase. Visitation and telephone privileges are available on Saturday and Sunday only, with express  permission from staff. 


    Second Phase of the program begins by seeking and maintaining program approved employment. During the second phase of the program, in addition to maintaining full time employment, the men will attend nightly classes. Class attendance and participation are mandatory. During second phase the men must return to the property from their jobs by 6:00PM and must also remain on property during the weekends when not working.


    Many graduating residents elect to continue to stay on after the 9 month program has been completed. There are required classes as well as group participation functions that are offered for those graduates. Graduates are also encouraged to attend and participate in all first and second phase activities for the edification of those still in the program.     Sunday Morning Church attendance is mandatory for all phases Open Homes Regeneration. Open Homes Fellowship conducts a Praise and Worship service along with a Bible Based message every Sunday morning at 10:00AM. Our church is open to all who seek to hear the Word of God.

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