30th Anniversary 

A Brief History


Our Founder, Father Mike Grenier and his wife Brenda were both heroin addicts until 1978. That year their lives changed forever. During an encounter with Jesus, Mike accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Through the help of God’s people, Mike and his family moved to Dunklin Memorial Camp where he worked and was trained in the field of addiction. They then moved to Orlando to work with Christian Prison Ministries, teaching and applying all they had learned at Dunklin. In 1984, the Greniers moved their family into a seven-bedroom house and opened it to men struggling with addiction. There they taught these men how living a life committed to Jesus Christ could free them from their addictions. This one house eventually grew into six homes in Orange and Seminole Counties. In 1994, Open Homes purchased two duplexes, adding two more the following year. Today, over 32 years later, Open Homes occupies over 2.5 acres with housing for over 40 men along with open areas for recreation and family fellowship.

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