30th Anniversary 

Our Mission Statement


Believing this program to have been established by God, and administered through the leading of the Holy Spirit, we allow for changes to specific character defects as we have reason to believe God desires.  Through our experience with men in Recovery, we have come to understand that while all men who suffer from alcoholism and/or addiction share most behavioral characteristics in the expression of their addictive personalities, they are individuals who are together walking out their own journeys into faith & life.  We therefore treat each man as a distinct personality, each one deserving individual attention. To that end, we monitor & modify each man’s specific completion of the program’s requirements to enable him to lead a fruitful and fulfilling life. We firmly believe that we have been called to reach the least, lost, and lonely men who are in bondage to their addictions, and to provide them with hope for the future by building a foundation in Christ Jesus.

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