30th Anniversary 

Pleasing God

“And do not neglect doing good and sharing,

for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

Heb. 13:16; NASB

Pleasing God should be at the top of every Christian’s list of goals. It is a life goal to which we should all commit ourselves. Considering others by doing good and sharing, even when we don’t feel like it, is all a part of pleasing God. That is the sacrifice. Doing it even when you don’t feel like it or think it’s not deserved by those receiving your gestures. At first glance, today’s passage does not look difficult to do. When things are going smoothly it’s usually no problem to do good things. Even sharing, although a challenge for some, is easier when life is good. The real test is when things in our own lives are not going well.

Do you really feel like doing something good for someone else when your own life is crumbling? We generally become self-absorbed and protective of our space when we feel less than blessed. It is at those times we need to dig deep to do good and share with others. Doing something nice and considerate for someone else, something that will bless them, can bring us out of those “woe is me” times. Sometimes it will turn them around completely. But more importantly, we should do it because it pleases God.

Jesus demonstrated this throughout His ministry here on earth. At times He was hunted, verbally abused, and certainly not welcome in the places He went. He could have easily decided to quit at any time without anyone blaming Him for the decision. And yet He continued to speak love over His enemies, heal those who came to Him, and guide His disciples with love and compassion. In one instance, after healing a leper, Jesus “sternly warned” the man not to say anything about it to anyone. But the man left and spread the news about Jesus healing him to such an extent that He could no longer go into the city (see Mark 1:40-45). This was not the only time Jesus was betrayed in this way by someone He healed. This made His journey more difficult and dangerous. But Jesus didn’t allow that to deter Him

from continuing to preach and heal everywhere He went. His goal was to please the Father, and that is what He did.

Doing good and sharing might not always be convenient. Many times it takes sacrificing our own feelings and taking time we might not have. But knowing it pleases God is reason enough to make it a point to put forth the effort. You will be blessed in more ways than one, but most importantly, by knowing that you have pleased God.

God bless and have a great week.

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