30th Anniversary 

Thank You For Your Interest In Open Homes Fellowship

Please consider donating for the purchase of a 15-passenger van for our ministry.

This vehicle will be used to:

* Transport the men in the program to events such as church sponsored programs or conferences to further enrich their Christian lives

* Transport the men in the program to do charitable work for those in the community who are in need or to work for much needed donations

* Deliver food, clothing, and other miscellaneous items to other charitable organizations or individuals and families in need


Our current vehicle is a small SUV which cannot fit all of our first phase men, so we have had to turn down many of the opportunities that come our way in the areas mentioned.


Our goal is $40,000, which is the price of a van that would fit our needs.


We would like to thank Pastor John Murphy and Harvest Time International for supporting this drive. It has been something we have needed for a long time.

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